Thank you for considering my arrangements.  If you wish to purchase an arrangement, there are three ways to obtain them:

1. Arrangements marked ‘SAI’ may be obtained directly through my Arrangements List page.  Clicking the SAI link will take you directly to the order page of Sweet Adeline International‘s online sales.  You may also obtain an arrangement while on SAI’s website by going to the online sales page and  following the link Contact International Arranged Music.   If you’d prefer, contact the sales department of Sweet Adelines International (1-800-992-7464 ).

The sales department will advise you of the additional per copy fees to be paid to the copyright holder(s).  In addition, please remember to pay the arranger’s service fee to me directly, either by check or PayPal.  An additional fee of 5% is added to cover PayPal’s service charges.

2. Arrangements marked “Published” may be obtained in the same way, either by clicking on the SAI link from my Arrangements List or by following the Published Sheet Music‘ link from Sweet Adelines International’s online sales page.  Published arrangements are $2.00 per copy, and there is no additional arranger fee.

3. Arrangements marked “Me” may be obtained by contacting me directly. Please email me with your request information.

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